Ottawa Amateur Darts League

The Ottawa Amateur Darts League is a mixed fun league from the absolute beginner to intermediate skill level.

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Due to the weather conditions darts are cancelled tonight Thursday Feb 27, 2020
(posted by Lisa)

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League Rules and Game Play


  1. Open, mixed League - Teams are made up of four players of any combination of men and women.
  2. Six 501 games are played each session: straight in and double out.
  3. The League season runs from September to April.
  4. Games start at approximately 7:15 p.m. on Thursday evenings.
  5. The forfeit time is 7:30 p.m. The team receiving the forfeit will receive the winning points for 6 games, and the forfeiting team loses all games. No half points (i.e., first to reach under 100) will be given for forfeit games.

Teams & Players

  1. The number of teams for each season will be determined by how many players enroll - up to a maximum of 8 teams of 4 (32 players).
  2. The first two weeks of each season will be used to determine a player's average - these scores will not be permanently recorded for the season. The Executive will then assign players that balance skill levels across the teams using the following criteria:
    1. Past Average (for returning members and spares);
    2. Past Number of Outs (for returning members and spares);
    3. Estimated skill level based on first two weeks' results;
    4. Not being a spouse or life partner of other team member;
  3. Players assigned to a team after the first two weeks will be considered regular team members. Team composition may be re-evaluated after the first few weeks of regular play and adjustments will be made if necessary.
  4. Returning members will be given priority over new members. Returning players are defined as being a player that has left the league less than two years ago.

  5. Spares & Absences
  6. For 4-member teams, if 3 players are present after the 15 minute grace period, the match must start. No regular player will be able to join the play once the third game has started, unless mutually agreed upon by both teams.
  7. At least 2 regular team members must be present for a match to take place, and a maximum of 2 spares will be allowed. No spares will be allowed once a game has started.
  8. All spares should identify themselves to a member of the Executive when they arrive at the venue before the start of play. The Executive will place the spares into teams requiring them. The Executive will try and match the spares's estimated average with the regular team player's average if possible. Generally, past league players will be given priority.
  9. In consideration of their team mates, regular players are expected to show up each week. If you know you will be absent one week, please let your team know, call your captain or a member of the Executive or post on our facebook page. If a player is deemed by the Executive to have missed an unsatisfactory amount of time, that player may be asked to forfeit their full time, regular status. They may then be replaced by a spare on the waiting list. This procedure will start with a warning from a member of the Executive.
  10. If a team has not been assigned a spare, they may use a dummy score of 30. Dummy scores will not be used once the team reaches a score under 100. If both teams are short a player (i.e., 3 vs 3) the dummy score rule will not be used.
  11. No spare can play in the playoffs unless he/she has played at least 10 weeks of games throughout the season.
  12. Spares: Regular spares that played 10 weeks or more in previous seasons will have first choice at the start of every registration year if there is an opening. The longest playing spare will have first choice if only one opening.

General Rules of Play

  1. Each week, teams should ensure they have a team member that will complete their score sheets and one that will be the chalker.
  2. Teams will set their playing line up by entering their players' names on the provided score sheet. Once the play order is set, it must remain unchanged for all six games. Teams should take care to rotate their player lineup throughout the season to allow all players the opportunity to play equally in the first, last and middle positions.
  3. Before the first game, a player from each team throws one dart for "diddle for the middle" to see which team will start. The team whose player gets inside the triple ring on the board AND closest to the bulls-eye plays first with a member from other team chalking. This alternates for the remainder of the games.
  4. Each player gets 3 darts per round to throw. A dart thrown that does not score is considered a dart thrown and cannot be thrown again.
  5. After a player has thrown all darts (completing his or her turn), they should remove their darts from the board only after verification by the chalker.
  6. A minimum of two games will be played and then the teams (if they wish) can take a break.

  7. Scoring
  8. All player scores are to be recorded on the scoresheet until the total score goes under 100. The chalker continues until the game is won.
    • Scores over 95 are to be circled and recorded in the space provided.
    • Scores of zero (goose eggs) are to be circled and recorded in the space provided.
    • The winning double out players name AND the total score (not just the double-out number) is to be recorded in the space provided.
    • Scores of zero (goose eggs) are to be circled and recorded in the space provided.
    • Half and full points must be indicated on the scoresheet and a final tally recorded in the space provided.
    • Player averages should be calculated and a final average for the evening calculated in the space provided.
    • Scoresheet recorders should advise the chalker if there is a discrepancy between the scoresheet and the chalkers score.
  9. Score sheets are completed and provided to the statistician at the end of the night. The statistician will verify all calculations on the sheet and input the data on the website as the official record. Stats will be updated on this site before the next play night.
  10. Players are encouraged to review their stats regularly as posted and bring any discrepancies to the attention of the statistician as soon as possible. All stats sheets will be saved for each current season for review upon request.

Player Membership Dues and Fees

  1. The one-time Annual Memberships Fees must be paid by the end of October. This fee is non-refundable.
  2. Annual Memberships Fees are $10.00 per player due once at the beginning of the season.
  3. Weekly Dues are $5.00 per person per week. If a player misses a week, Weekly Dues are still to be paid for the week missed.

League Incentives

  1. A free drink (whatever the person is drinking that night) will be given to a player who scores a 171 or 180. (One free drink per night per person).
  2. There will be a 50/50 draw every dart night.


Most prizes at the end of the season will be cash prizes.

There will be trophies awarded for the following categories:


All positions on the Executive (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Statistician) are elected for a 2-year period on an alternating basis. To be eligible for nomination to the Executive, a player must have been a regular player in the league in good standing for at least the last two complete seasons. Verbal nominations are requested, submitted and seconded for the positions up for election. If the nominated person accepts, their name is submitted for election. If more than one person is nominated, seconded and accepted for a single position, a vote will be conducted.

In the 2012-2013 season, the President and Statistician positions were up for election and in 2013-2014, the Vice-President and Treasurer positions came up for election. The following is the election schedule:

2012-2013: President and Statistician positions
2013-2014: Vice-President and Treasurer positions
2014-2015: President and Statistician positions
2015-2016: Vice-President and Treasurer positions
2016-2017: President and Statistician positions
2017-2018: Vice-President and Treasurer positions
2018-2019: President and Statistician positions

Be a Good Sport

  1. Sportsmanship is all about courtesy and respect. Make good sportsmanship your team's trademark.
  2. Read and understand all the league rules and check the standings regularly for any schedule changes or league updates.
  3. Each team should try and come up with a cool name for their team.

Protest Procedure

  1. All Complaints should be brought to a member of the Executive.


The League Executive retains the right to forfeit a player's membership in the league for conduct unbecoming, pursuant to League Rules. Remember, good sportsmanship is contagious!

Last Updated November 2014