Ottawa Amateur Darts League

The Ottawa Amateur Darts League is a mixed fun league from the absolute beginner to intermediate skill level.

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Due to the weather conditions darts are cancelled tonight Thursday Feb 27, 2020
(posted by Lisa)

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Summer "Mini" League

We plan to run a summer league again this year during June, July and August 2019. The summer league is very informal and is not related to the regular season league except that some members play in both leagues.


  1. Open, mixed league for all skill levels.
  2. Teams will be made up of three to four players of any combination of men and women.
  3. The number of players and teams will be determined by interest. There will be an regular need for spares.
  4. The League season will run from the first week in June until the middle of August (approx. 10 weeks).
  5. Five 501 games (straight in and double out) and one game of Cricket will be played each night. Each team is expected to assign a player to record their scores on the 501 scoresheet and to chalk during the game. The scoresheets will be submitted at the end of the night to be recorded.
  6. Games start at about 7:00 p.m. Thursday evenings.
  7. Teams will be set on the first night based on players that have identified an interest to Fran by email or turned up in person on the first night. Unless otherwise explicitly arranged and confirmed, players must attend the first night and pay their fees to be a regular player.

  8. We understand that many players may be absent one or more nights during the summer. To offset this anticipated issue for a summer league, the following special rules will be implemented for the summer seasons only:
    • A team can be completely made up of spares if needed;
    • There is no forfeit, unless there is virtually no one there to play (spares or regular players);
    • Even regular players may be asked to move around teams to enable a balanced game to be played;
    • If necessary, a dummy score can be used to balance teams until score is under 100;
    • Regular players should let us know in advance which nights they cannot play and possibly suggest or encourage their own spares;
    • Spares will be notified on this site and/or our facebook page when we know spares will be needed;
    • All regular players are asked to encourage their friends and family to spare.
    • Although the team composition is flexible, individual players averages will always be recorded on the site.
    • All money collected goes towards the season-end gathering.
    • All money collected and spent will be recorded and itemized. Regular team members will be provided with a full accounting of all money collected and paid out at the end of the season and any time throughout the season upon request.
    • A one-time Membership Fees of $10.00 is due on the first night. All players will also be asked to pay weekly dues of $5.00 per night and to participate in the $5 50/50 draw.
    • There will be no cash prizes at the end of the season. All money collected will be paid out completely for a year-end party for all members and their guests.
    • Stats will be posted on the website only (i.e., no printed sheets posted).
    • Trophies may be given for highest average (men, women) and most outs (men, women). Any other acheivements may only be noted and awarded bragging rights.